Saturday, April 24, 2010

Adore Photography

Okay, I'll try to keep this blog going again now that life has calmed down...a little. A lot has changed since I posted last. I'm almost done with my schooling to get my photography certificate and have started officially working in the Photography industry.
In the begining I begged all my friends, family and even Zumba instructor to be my models so I could get some good practicing in. I even asked a complete stranger if I could take photos of her adorable little man. To my surprise people started talking about what I was doing and all that practice turned quickly into a lot of business. I've done just about everything now from family portraits to senior portraits to weddings, business advertisements and product ads. I'm having a blast! The best part of it all, is that I get to spend a lot of time working with two other great photographer's, my mom Sandi and my mother-in-law Betty. Betty and I have shot several weddings together and our memories of each are just plain Fun!!!
My mom and I are also starting to do some work together too, but mainly up to this point we just go out and play. My two kids are sick of being drug here and there and everywhere, but we're having a good time anyway. The best thing in life is being able to enjoy what you do...and I'll tell you, I am enjoying every second that I have my camera in my hand and it's not just the camera it's the people and the relationships that are formed. Life is Good!
Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog today.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I Love It. Mom

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! I love the wedding dress collage! That is so amazing!! Lisa