Monday, December 5, 2011


Okay, so I had a cancellation tonight, that made it possible for me to squeeze in a very special client...who was named after ME!!! 

Okay, not really! Carl is his middle name and he was named after some other very special people in his family. But, when his mommy was pregnant, I told her that she should name him Carl...After Me so that is what I'll always call him! Anyway, his mommy and I have been very close since we were his age. We're cousins. So this was a lot of fun tonight.
It has been way to long since we've seen each other, especially since we were spending just about every day together a couple of years ago. I love when I get to play (take pictures) with such a special little man and my cuzzie! We had a blast!
By the way, if youy need to know anything about Star Wars...He could tell you!

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